Shared Kodi mySQL database library

If you have more than one Kodi device connected to your media source, it becomes really useful if they share the same media library. This is done with a mySQL database on your media server.

kodi, mysql, ubuntu

Upgrade MODX Revolution

MODX Revolution is regularly updated with new features and security patches. But the process of updating can be rather fiddly. Here is a straight forward way of updating MODX to the current version on your Linux web server using SSH.

linux, modx

Increase ZFS pool by adding larger disks

Eventually your ZFS pool will no longer have enough storage for you. When this happens you will need to add some disks or replace your old disks with new larger ones. Since i no longer have any spare SATA ports, I am going to do the latter, replacing all my 2TB disks with 6TB ones.

linux, nas, ubuntu, zfs